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Blessed BE this giant soul... 

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I just have to say with heartfelt gratitude to this giant soul who graced our lives, "Wayne Dyer - Blessed BE!" But...! I have been wondering: why did his soul agree that this was the time for him to make the transition to his next adventure? 

Didn't he know that we need his wisdom just as much now as ever? We are experiencing immense changes and challenges globally and individually. His ability to encourage, inspire, reassure, remind, and motivate with clarity and simplicity have helped so many for so many years.

And then a couple of days ago, I received an answer that works for me...

I had received an email from Wayne Dyer's publisher that they were making his movie 'The Shift' available for one week of free viewing. On the last day, I started watching it as I was doing some organizing in my office. My teenaged kids were still asleep.

You can find the movie on Amazon:

The Shift

Or YouTube: The Shift

I watched the first hour and thought, 'holy cow, I have to share this with my kids!' Just about then, my daughter texted me from her bedroom with a good morning message :). She then asked, 'do you want to meditate?' I texted her back: 'I am watching a wonderful movie - come join me if you want.' She asked, 'What movie?' I replied: 'The Shift. Wayne Dyer.'

Attribution: https://flic.kr/p/c9mkU9

Well, I had told my kids of his passing, and they knew how much he had meant to me over the years - CDs, books, PBS programs. I even had the privilege of meeting him at a Whole Earth Expo many years ago and felt his genuine warmth and connectedness. (I met another wonderful teacher at the same event and this one didn't even look at me as he signed my book he had authored. Reminding me we are all human!)

So my daughter asked when did I start the movie? I told her I would start over if she'd like to watch it with me. I added: 'no pressure but I think it speaks to me, you, and your brother (name omitted!)' 

So we all ended up watching it, my two teenagers and I. How timely it was! We had been having all sorts of discussions about purpose, passion, taking the next steps as they move forward in their lives. My son is entering his sophomore year in college. My daughter is a senior in high school, and she is thinking about 'what's next?'

A lot of angst for them, and a lot of angst for me. Not only am I committed to staying present with them as they go through they're emotional process, at times turbulent, but also what is next for me during this transition? I would not be exaggerating to say that life has been quite hellish lately. We have talked at length about purpose, listening to our hearts, tuning out the well-meaning unhelpful voices.

Partway into watching the movie, my son said, well, if I follow this, then I am definitely changing my major. I responded, wow, that's quite a takeaway! 

After the movie, we continued our discussions. According to Wayne, we know we are in alignment with Spirit when we feel peace, etc. If we're struggling, then we're out of flow. Be prepared, and allow things to come to us. Another very affirming and assuring takeaway was, and is, this: we were completely supported and taken care of during the first 9 months of our lives. Why wouldn't we expect the same after? (Hint: ego - Edging God Out)

I'm pretty sure I'll have more to say about what Wayne had to say about parenting, but getting back to where I started with my question: why did he leave the planet now? The answer for me is that if he hadn't, my kids and I would possibly still be in turmoil. Because of the movie being made available in honor of Wayne Dyer's powerful impact on peoples' lives, we were reminded of so many things that we had forgotten and which in the days following our watching the movie have uplifted us and changed our perspective. The shift (!) has been palpable. 

Just today, my son made a choice to not do something that he was feeling all sorts of resistance towards. He had been trying to force himself to listen to all the 'shoulds'. His relief upon making a decision to find another way will only re-affirm and strengthen his resolve to make other decisions that feel right with his internal compass.

And now my question is, for how many other people did this same grace touch their lives as they were reminded of Wayne Dyer's books, movies, CDs and had their lives transformed again as well? So, again I say, Wayne Dyer - Blessed Be! How grateful I am for his life, and even in the presence of sorrow, for his death. Thank you. 

May You Be Blessed!

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