Conscious Parent Creed

Guiding Principles

Higher Consciousness, Attribution:

The Conscious Parent Creed was inspired by a book I read many years ago, Handbook to Higher Consciousness, The Science of Happiness by Ken Keyes. I had just begun in a new direction in my spiritual journey, so I wasn't really able to get the message of what I read. However, it resonated with me so much (my essence was able to 'get it'!) that I typed out in a very tiny font The Twelve Pathways to the Higher Consciousness Planes of Unconditional Love and Oneness and have kept them with my collection of quotations and affirmations.

Over 25 years later, I can look at them and see how by incorporating them into my whole life, and particularly as a parent, bit by bit, I now know by experience what each has taught me and where I've still got some learning to do. I also now know they are pathways to Unconditional Love and Oneness, freeing me to experience more peace, joy, love and harmony. 

These pathways informed me as I wrote my own 'statement of faith' as a parent, my guiding principles. I offer you this...


  • I release the need to force things to happen for my children, for myself, and for others, including the struggle to make things happen the way I think they 'should' happen.
  • I am increasingly aware of how my perceptions color my story about what's happening in the day-to-day lives of my children, myself, and others. I am willing to see things differently.
  • I am grateful for those times when my buttons are pushed, for I am being given the opportunity to see what I am clinging to that no longer serves me.
  • In this now moment, where there is no past or future, this is where my appointment with eternity lies.
  • I am fully responsible for everything I am experiencing right now, and I know that what I do and say affects those around me, including my children.
  • I unconditionally love and appreciate myself, my children, others, and everything that I experience. I choose to see the love in myself, my children, others, and everything I experience. I am grateful to have opportunities for my love to expand.
  • I choose to see order and constructiveness all around me in the lives of my children, myself, and others.
  • I know and embrace my oneness with all things, there is no separation between me, my children, others, and God.
  • I have compassion and understanding for all and allow my children and others to experience their 'path to Rome' with all its ups and downs ....with celebration, respect, and nonattachment.
  • I wait to respond to situations until I am clear that I am doing so from a place of objective awareness unclouded by emotions of fear, anger, resentment, frustration, etc. 
  • I am well-acquainted with the still, calm, quiet place within where all answers are found. I regularly spend time in this silence.
  • I am able to sense from higher wisdom just what is needed in any given situation and it may just require my silent loving presence. 
  • I know that I, my children, and others... we are all in the process of becoming and remembering WHO WE ARE.

The statements in the Conscious Parent Creed really work! Remembering them, you recognize the blessings illuminated by the radiant nuggets of wisdom in the Conscious Parent Creed. Peace, joy, love, and harmony for you and your family is all that is Real

My children - I love them sooooo much!

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