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Incorporating Natural Health - Natural Living 

Colors of Natural Health, Attribution:

Incorporating natural health for my family and myself has been embraced out of my resonance with natural living.  I have always felt that if I had been born a little earlier, I would have embraced the hippie lifestyle!  I feel at home with lots of green living plants, natural fibers, and when I am not denied by a crazy, mad, daily schedule (which I am learning to avoid), cooking and eating green is so soothing to me. Check out some of our healthy recipes here~~I keep adding more and more.

Healing Power of Nature, Attribution:

Also, being, by nature, or fashioned from the constraints of childhood, quite self-reliant, I was always uncomfortable about handing over the responsibility of the wellness of my family to another, be they a licensed medical doctor or not!  It has been important to me to live a moderate, balanced, healthy lifestyle with my family that does not welcome illness, and if there is illness learn how to recover, welcoming "the healing power of nature".

Within every patient there resides a doctor, and we as physicians are at our best when we put our patients in touch with the doctor inside themselves.

~~Albert Schweitzer

Incorporating Natural Health - Using Affirmations

Affirmations for Natural Health, attribution:

Each of my kids went through a bout with the common wart.  We treated the symptoms with over-the-counter medications for many months, with limited alleviation.  Because I recognized the mind/body connection, I also included in our evening prayers, the affirmation: 'I am the love and beauty of life in full expression' from Louise Hay's book - "Healing the Body" which has affirmations for many conditions of the body.  I usually consult this gem of a book for the mind/body connection of any ailment.

You Can Heal Your Life

by Louise Hay

Before much time went by, I just happened to be talking to a friend of mine and during the course of the conversation, the topic came around to various kid ailments.  I brought up our ongoing struggle with the common wart.  She then told me of how she had taken her son to the dermatologist for the same thing and the dermatologist told her of a miracle cure--duct tape!  Because of her and her son's success with this highly sophisticated approach, we started using it immediately.

Within less than a week, they were all gone.  I didn't even really need to examine why there was a subconscious need for this message of 'being the love and beauty of life in full expression' to be incorporated into our evening mantra (although I did!).  Spirit knew, and as I followed my inner guidance and what I had learned, the manifested resistance of feeling unlovable at some level was released and there was then no more need for the outward manifestation of the common wart. 

(You might like to go to learn how we used affirmations in our acne remedy toolkit!)

Incorporating Natural Health - Listening to Intuition 

Intuition for Natural Health, Attribution:

Oftentimes, choosing a holistic approach in your care and the care of your family means listening to your intuition.  I remember one time my daughter was racked by coughing attacks.  I gave her what my textbooks recommended as the remedy for the coughing and her associated symptoms.  It didn't help.  As I was lying next to her, listening to her relentless coughing into the wee hours of the night, I couldn't sleep. Of course, even though she was sleeping a bit, she wasn't having a restful night either. 

Mother's Remedies, Attribution:

I ran through the repertoire of what I had available to me and was certain I had tried everything.  I resigned myself to enduring the rest of the night with her.  As I let go of my round-and-round ruminations, all of a sudden it came to me, try...and the name of a remedy came to me with which I was completely unfamiliar.  I got up and found the remedy, read about its application, and had a strong intuition that this was correct.  Within fifteen minutes of giving it to her, she stopped coughing and slept soundly and deeply for the rest of the night.

Incorporating Natural Health - Avoiding Antibiotics 

Five or six years ago, I started experiencing stomach pains and sleeplessness.  I was beset with anxiety.  I tried everything in my natural health medicine chest.  Natural sleep aids, herbal teas for stomach pain.  Still no sleep, and the stomach pain had me in agony.  I dropped ten pounds in two weeks, not a good way to lose weight.  I finally relented and went to the local clinic.  Tests were ordered and it was discovered that I had pre-ulcerative lesions and that I also had H. Pylori, the bacteria that can cause ulcers.  To combat this, I was to go on a mega-antibiotic regimen, to which I was completely averse. 

Avoid Antibiotics, Attribution:

Whenever I had used a conventional treatment in the past, such as antibiotics, I experienced unpleasant side effects which then required alternative measures to alleviate. From personal experience I knew how disrupting antibiotics are to the balance of the body, upsetting the body's systems in ways which require other methods of support to counteract or assist in returning to balance. 

Bruce Lipton in his book, The Biology of Beliefsays this: Ironically, in recent decades, we have been taught to wage war against microorganisms with everything from antibacterial soap to antibiotics. But that simplistic message ignores the fact that many bacteria are essential to our health.  The classic example of how humans get help from microorganisms is the bacteria in our digestive system, which are essential to our survival.  

The bacteria in our stomach and intestinal tract help digest food and also enable the absorption of life-sustaining vitamins.  This microbe-human cooperation is the reason the the rampant use of antibiotics is detrimental to our survival. Antibiotics are indiscriminate killers; they kill bacteria that are required for our survival as efficiently as they kill harmful bacteria."

Fortunately, I was working with a physician's assistant who was very willing to work with me and she suggested I do the research on finding a natural means to treat and eradicate the H. Pylori.  I did and found a wonderful product...Bye-Lori from  It was amazingly effective, and I did not have to go the way of conventional treatment about which I have heard quite a number of horror stories.

Incorporating Natural Health - Search for Meaning in Illness 

In the meantime, my search for the meaning of my condition was paramount.  I started reading the book, Radical Health, a book that I had on the bookshelf for years and which I had not finished reading.  I learned that my stomach was telling me I was 'over-anxious to please'.  I took a look at this.  I started seeing that my life had become completely wrapped up in home-schooling my kids, and not feeling valued for my contribution in this way.  I had become isolated, living 45 minutes from any kind of community.  I also recognized that I was not engaging in any activity that nourished me.

Incorporating Natural Health - Blessing in Disguise 

Blessing in Disguise in Natural Health, Attribution:

Out of all this was borne some wonderful next steps.  I started attending with my kids the nearest spiritual community which resonated with us, albeit 45 minutes away(!), which opened huge vistas for us.  I reconnected to my passion with natural health and enrolled in a doctorate program in natural health, and I discovered how nourishing it was for me to sew!  I started quilting mini or micro blocks which was so quieting for me.  And subsequently, I took up pencil drawing. (See my page on soul nourishment and some of my pencil drawings.)

I discovered that somewhere along the way, I lost me.  I lost my own self-expression.  I lost connection with kindred, uplifting souls.  I was so 'overanxious to please', that I constantly re-invented myself in order to win approval, which with each re-invention moved me more and more out of reach of my authentic self.

Incorporating Natural Health - Listening to the Body's Message 

Out of a very dark night of my soul, had come some very wonderful gifts.  It is a touchstone for me now; I can look at the not-so-comfortable aspects of my life now and ask what is the gift in this for me?

So I invite you to see if any of these ways of incorporating natural health into your life will be helpful to you.

  • Natural Living
  • Using Affirmations
  • Listening to Intuition
  • Avoiding Antibiotics
  • Listening to the Body's Message
  • Search for Meaning in Illness
  • Find the Blessing in Disguise

For other thoughts on incorporating natural health, find out how natural health is truly natural!

Wishing you peace, joy, love, harmony, and Natural Health!

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