Tips for Raising a Self-Aware Child

Raising a child who is self-aware enables them to reap the benefits of having the intuition they can count on as they get older. There are several factors that parents have to think about when they embark on the conscious parenting journey.

One thing to remember as you go through this process is that you have to nurture your emotional connection with the child as they grow. Incorporating the lifestyle points you want your children to learn as part of daily life engrains those habits into them. Consider these tips to help on this adventure, presented below by Metaphysical Mom.

Teach Them Self Appreciation

Children often take on the voice of their parents. You have to take the time to teach them that they are amazing humans. For some children, this means that they need daily affirmations to remind themselves of their worth.

You can also celebrate their successes as they come. Placing the focus on the positive things they do can help them. You also need to correct them when they do something incorrectly, but don’t dwell on that. As a general rule, praise the child 10 times more than you correct them.

Focus on Proper Self Care

Self-care is an important part of living their best life. Teach them how to use food to fuel the body, which means introducing the concept of eating healthy. Model to them what it means to make smart food choices, including enjoying unhealthy foods in moderation.

Exercise is another important part of self-care. A child who becomes accustomed to daily activity will be more likely to remain active as they grow. Find activities they enjoy, including ones you can do as a family. Some children like challenges, which you can use to help them get their daily exercise. For example, challenge them to take at least a specific number of steps daily.

Choose an Enjoyable Career

While you might think that a young child can’t make plans for the future, it’s best to start talking to them about possible career choices early in life. They don’t necessarily have to tell you what they want to do in their life, but you can start to discuss different career paths with them.

Talk to them about how college is necessary for some careers. When you’re talking to them, let them know that online degree programs enable them to have flexibility as they’re learning. They can get a job to support themselves and take care of other things they want to do without having to worry about a rigid on-campus program.

For example, you can work toward a Bachelor of Science in Education that enables you to work with elementary and preschool children. Your child will see you do this and it will show them that pursuing higher education is possible while you take care of other responsibilities.

Tying Everything Together

Helping your child live the life they enjoy can be a challenging journey sometimes. Children learn better when they have a role model who lives the lifestyle they talk about, so be sure that you’re giving your children a shining example of a productive and meaningful life.

Check out Metaphysical Mom for tips and tools to help conscious parents work through raising children with these valuable skills.

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