Acne Remedies

teen rite of passage?

7 natural acne remedies and mind-body affirmation help your teen

face life with more confidence, enthusiasm, and ease!

It may seem that acne is unavoidable with the onset of teen-hood. For some (probably most) teens, having skin problems is no fun, but these simple, yet effective, acne suggestions and tips may help save a lot of embarrassment and time.

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If the following suggestions for acne remedies can be introduced gradually, and without major disruption, your teen may avoid or lessen the turmoil of this seemingly rite of passage. And as with all ailments, the mom's quiet and considerate attention with unconditional love goes a long way to alleviate the stress which can only serve to exacerbate the appearance of acne.

You Can Heal Your Life

by Louise Hay

Go here to read about the phenomenal success my kids have had with their teen skin care!

According to Louise Hay in her mind/body classic 'You Can Heal Your Life', the metaphysical probable cause for acne is due to not accepting the self; dislike of the self.  Teens are going through a major shift, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically--they are having to come to terms with a radically new way of being.  Affirming the new thought pattern: I am a Divine expression of life, I love and accept myself where I am right now, can be mirrored and affirmed by you, the loving mom in your teen's life as one of the most powerful of acne remedies.

Herbal teas to alleviate acne.

Yes, your teen will enjoy iced tea if it is lusciously flavored and refreshing! When acne made its grand entrance into our lives (to our teenager's consternation, at times), for one of our acne remedies I started making an iced-herbal-tea concoction in the morning that filled a large pitcher.

Herbal Teas, Attribution:

The herbs that I used, depending on what I had on hand, were some from the following: echinacea, red clover, burdock, dandelion root, licorice, sassafras, sarsaparilla. (If you are unable to find any of these herbs at your local health food store, or would like to do some price comparison, I recommend visiting the VitaminShoppe. I am not one of their affiliates, but I have found their prices are hard to beat.)

Remedies from kitchen,

These herbs are all good blood purifiers, important for acne remedies, some clearing out toxins and some neutralizing the excess acidity of the body which wants to be more alkaline. Also, echinacea encourages the body to produce more white blood cells which assists in wiping out the bacteria that have taken up residence.

Agave nectar,

Agave is a good low-glycemic sweetener. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is a nice addition. Fresh mint or lemon balm you have collected from your garden is nourishing for the soul as well as the body! But having this tea on hand so your teen can easily help themselves to it throughout the day is definitely good support for alleviating the acne bane, scourge, affliction...!

Apple cider vinegar to alleviate acne.

A new addition to our acne remedies...More recently, we have discovered that apple cider vinegar taken daily, first thing in the morning, is a wonderful habit to incorporate. Be certain that the apple cider vinegar is unfiltered; the filtered variety has had most of the healthy nutrients steamed out of it. Braggs is a good one, and easy to find in your local health food store.

Apple Cider Vinegar has a bunch of vitamins, and it has minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, magnesium, sulfur, fluorine and iron. The malic acid in it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. One of the most beneficial constituents to my way of thinking is the ash which contributes alkalinity to our bodies which in our culture tend to be way too acidic. There are other benefits to apple cider vinegar which are not pertaining to our discussion on acne remedies, but suffice it to say, Hippocrates way back in 400 BC lauded apple cider vinegar.

Hippocrates, Attribution:

It may seem unpalatable to you or your teen taken alone, but mixed with honey and water, it tastes good!! (I don't mind drinking it just with water but when I tried to encourage my teenage son to try it just diluted with water -- he was not impressed!) Agave nectar can be used instead of honey. Lately, I have been having my morning ACV with truvia, a product of the stevia root, a natural sweetener. (Like I said above, ACV is beneficial for many other reasons than just acne!)

Update: I just recently discovered a way to prepare the ACV that my teenager actually enjoys!!! Simmer a gallon of apple juice with a stick of cinnamon. After it cools, add about a 1/4 cup of ACV. Refrigerate. One 8 oz. glass daily seems to do the trick. My son is now reminding me to keep this on hand as he notices the difference when he goes a few days without drinking any!

If you are unable to find ACV at your local health food store, or would like to do some price comparison, I recommend visiting the VitaminShoppe. As I mentioned regarding the herbs, I am not one of their affiliates, but I have found their prices are hard to beat.

Some Good Tips On Skin Care Products For Acne

Skin Care Products, Attribution:

There are so many different types of acne remedies on the market today that sometimes the biggest challenge in clearing up your teen's acne is picking the right product.

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' product. Everyone has different skin and different needs so it's imperative that you find the product that works best for your teen and your teen's skin's unique needs.

For example, some teens will have acne but they may also have very dry skin. A lot of acne remedies are made to dry the skin out, so obviously if your teen has dry skin that will create additional problems for the skin. On the other hand, if your teen has oily skin many acne remedies will work better for them since this is what many treatments are created to target.

Healthy Skin, Attribution:

Another important consideration is that many acne remedies contain harsh, potentially toxic, chemicals. It might surprise you to know that many cosmetic type products made in the U.S. actually contain chemicals that have been banned from use in Europe. Don't assume that just because you can buy a product over the counter that it's safe.

Herbs from Garden, Attribution:

Try to find organic products. Try to look for acne remedies that are certified organic by the USDA or other reputable, unbiased sources.

Try not to get overwhelmed with the choices available to you in the skin care products for acne remedies that are on the market today. Just do a little research and find the best product for your teen's unique skin care needs. I have also found that if I get a few products for my daughter to try and she finds they are working, this helps us through trial and error!

One big thing to remember is that we are talking about a teenager using the products. My daughter is quite motivated to use acne remedies consistently. Whereas, for my eldest, I bought many months' worth of the product ProActiv. He has gone off to college, and there is a bunch of product still in the cabinet under the bathroom sink!

Acne Care From the Inside Out

Nutrition, Attribution:

It's also important to remember that a healthy body is the first line of defense against acne outbreaks. If anyone, not just teenagers, wants to keep their skin healthy they need to keep the whole body healthy.

Proper nutrition is vitally important to maintaining healthy skin. When fighting acne most people are familiar with the concept of avoiding greasy foods, but that is only just the start. The body needs a continual supply of healthy fruits and vegetables. By giving your teen's body the fuel it needs, this is also helping their skin.

Drink Water, Attribution:

And keeping the body healthy doesn't just extend to choosing the right foods to eat, either. It also has to do with what one drinks. Your teen making sure they stay hydrated is another simple, yet very important, way for them to assist their skin in being clear. Most experts recommend we drink around 8 glasses of water every day to maintain proper hydration. This may be one of the most vital of all acne remedies! (Caveat: The iced tea described above is not recommended to replace the water intake, but to supplement.)

Keeping the skin clean in moderation.

One of the most common, and potentially worst pieces of advice we all believe about taking care of the skin in general and specifically as one of the essential acne remedies, is to wash the face frequently. Now, obviously it's important to keep the skin clean, but if your teen washes their face too often they can actually be making matters worse.

Face Cloth, Attribution:

In addition, harsh cleansers, hot water, rough scratchy towels and washcloths will all work together to keep sensitive skin inflamed and raw. That is not what is wanted! What is best for your teen's skin care regimen is to limit the amount of times they wash their face to twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

It is recommended they use a mild, non-abrasive soap, using the fingers, and staying away from wash clothes, to apply the cleanser. They will want to gently rub it into their skin in easy circular motions. When rinsing the skin warm water is best, stay away from hot water. When using a towel to dry the skin, word of caution, no rubbing with the towel, only using it to pat the face, gently.

If your teen has dry skin they will need to add some moisturizer after they've washed their face. If they don't have dry skin, skip the moisturizer.

Exercising regularly.

Exercise, Attribution:

Exercise is another fantastic way for your teen to take care of their skin. This may sound odd but when one exercises they are increasing blood flow all over the body. This increased circulation gives the skin that healthy, glowing look!

Exercising regularly also allows the body to get rid of harmful toxins throughout. Sweat will whisk away many's like the rinse cycle on your washer.

Moderate sun exposure.

Many people think that sun is good for acne because it will dry out the skin. In fact that drying, in excess, may contribute to the problem. When the skin gets too dry the sebaceous glands secrete more oil.

Moderate Sun, Attribution:

That is their function, to keep the skin hydrated. But too much oil is what may be a factor in causing acne. So...sun in moderation!

A few simple suggestions to incorporate into your teen's life with your support and assistance... I have three teens who are going through this adventure in varying degrees right now. One size does not fit all!

Each one has their own temperament, inclinations, motivations, etc. It's all part of being a conscious parent to sense where and when to have a little input, and where and when to 'butt out'! Enjoy the process!!

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