Practical Gifts for First-Time Parents

The first year of parenthood isn’t the time to shower new parents with extravagant home décor, high-tech toys, or expensive jewelry. For a couple who’s just welcomed their first child, the best gifts are often the ones that help make this new chapter in life a little more manageable. From gifts designed to help exhausted new parents catch some shut-eye to the gift of time, these gift ideas -- courtesy of Metaphysical Mom -- are perfect for first-time parents.

Home Needs

New parents need some help around the house. Taking care of the baby always comes first, and first-time mommies and daddies need help taking care of the house -- which is why these gifts are just what they need.

  • Auto Vacuum. A robot to vacuum the floors? Yup. Robot vacuums are a useful helper to have. Just set and forget, and it will vacuum your floors and rugs.
  • One Cooker To Rule Them All. The Instapot is a great gift for new parents. It’s an electric pressure cooker with multiple settings that can save time when cooking dishes. It’s great for the busy new mommies.
  • Peek-A-Boo. Video doorbells can add security to your house, by recording video of whoever passes in front of your doorbell, and by allowing you to talk to the person at the door without having to open it. This can be quite useful when mommy can’t come to the door right away.
  • Helping Hand. Maybe their furniture could use a good cleaning -- especially with a new baby around! Search Angi for furniture cleaners and browse ratings and reviews to find the best.

Parent Comforts

A newborn can be pretty demanding, but don’t forget mommy and daddy need things, too! Here are some things that can bring comfort (and much-needed stress relief) to the new parents.

  • Mommy Wear. Mothers need to be comfortable when they nurse newborns about 8-12 times a day. It is essential that they have a nursing nightgown that will allow them more convenience when nursing their baby.
  • Stream Me. Caring for the newborn baby means long nights, and during these spells of rocking the baby and nursing them, mommies and daddies can watch something to pass the time. Give them the gift of streaming so they can catch up with their favorite shows.
  • Quick Bites. Sometimes preparing a meal can be a bother to new parents who don’t sleep much. Don’t let them get fast food all the time. Give them the gift of meal kit delivery. These are recipes and prepared ingredients that cut meal preparation time to 30 minutes or less.
  • Power Tool. Caring for a newborn can leave new parents with sore muscles. Having an at-home massage tool on hand can bring a smile (and a massage) to the new parents.

Gifts Just For Mom

Mommy is just a new title for your better half. This year, let’s give her some gifts that show our appreciation for everything she does for our family. 

  • It’s Time. Smartwatches are cute little gadgets that can offer mommy the convenience of not having to hold their phones all the time to check what an alert sound means. They also offer mommy some reminders to be more active, and they can give insightful health data.
  • Shoppers, Keepers. Let’s give mommy the opportunity to try new clothes and buy them if she likes them. It’s like going to the mall in reverse, where the clothes come to your house. Clothing subscription services are styling services where stylists try to match mommy with clothes that fit her style.
  • Warm Hugs. Mommy can sleep better if she uses a weighted blanket. These blankets are filled with pellets and are heavy. It’s suggested that the feeling of weight is like being hugged while you sleep, resulting in better sleep. It keeps you pretty snug too.

Unfortunately, you can’t give sleep as a gift — but for brand-new parents, these presents are the next best thing. Whether you’re buying for a family member, friend, or colleague, think beyond cute baby gear and buy a gift that’s practical for the new parents, too. “Me time” may be hard to come by when you have a new baby at home, but with these gifts, you can make it a tiny bit easier.

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