Conscious Parenting 
help your kids realize their HIGHEST and BEST!

If you are looking for ways to:

  • raise your child consciously
  • help them listen to and trust their intuition,
  • be in love with the magic of life,  feel empowered,
  • and keep the connection with you strong through every developmental stage

then, we have a lot in common. Thank you for visiting! You are welcomed with love and gratitude!

Conscious Parenting as a Spiritual Path

What I have to share with you is the result of over 25 years of celebrating motherhood (beginning before the pregnancy of my first child) and distilling spiritual practices so that they can be taught to and done with your kids all in an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and fun.

You might be asking yourself:

Sense of wonder
  • How can I help my child learn to check in with and trust their vibes?  Click here.
  • How can I nurture their inherent sense of wonder?
  • What tools will assist them in decision making that honors their inner truth? Click here.
  • How can I discover and get some idea of what their souls signed up for this time so I can encourage them, give them a nudge, or know when to get out of the way?
  • How can I help them with positive self-talk and affirmations? Here is a good starting place~click here!
  • How can I present them with experiences that instill a joy of living so that life is magical, fun, exciting?
  • How can I evolve in order to stay connected? Click here.
  • How do I respect each child's uniqueness?

It is my hope and intention you'll find inspiration, encouragement, and answers that will resonate with you in these pages.  

A lot of what is here I wish I had known back at day one! With experience, research, learning from others, I gradually accumulated a lot of know-how through the school of trial and error...

Holistic Parenting

Conscious parenting embraces the philosophy of holistic parenting which recognizes the interdependence of all aspects of our lives.

I have been a homeschooling mom of more...

Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual Parenting

How would we have felt about our lives if every night our parent(s) had said with us, 'I am an Eternal Being here to experience absolute love and to affect my environment through the giving of my powerful resources'? This site has many of these empowering statements (I've used many of them over and over as a mantra to my children helping them go to sleep).

I have been privileged to learn from many spiritual teachers. I have dedicated myself to the practices, tools, techniques I have learned. For me, no buying the books, taking the notes, etc., and taking them home where they got dusty on the shelf. I was my own laboratory and what worked for me I then modeled, distilled, adapted and/or condensed to be used in the day-to-day interactions with my kids in my practice (yes, lots of practice!) of spiritual parenting.

To be the best moms (parents) we can be, we need to nourish ourselves and have ways to support our own spiritual paths. You'll find inspiration and encouragement here.

Natural Health for the Whole Family

Natural Health

Natural Health tips! We have, successfully, using natural health means:

  • Supported the body's healing process with homeopathic remedies.
  • Used Flower Essences to buoy up temporary psychological and emotional imbalances.
  • Alleviated the relentless itching from mosquito bites.
  • Sped up the recovery time from bee-stings.
  • Discovered a powerful remedy for burns.
  • Avoided the major antibiotic regimen recommended to eliminate the peptic ulcer- causing bacteria.
  • Used herbal teas to alleviate acne.
  • Cured the common wart.
  • Learned how to use diet, herbs, and spices to find relief from acid indigestion.Natural Relief of Acid Indigestion! Click here to download free brochure!

Motherhood as Sadhana


One definition of Sadhana: ego-transcending spiritual practice. We are here in this physical arena to heal, to become whole, to remember Who We Are! We who made the choice to do this as mothers can contribute to the healing of this planet by embracing the sacredness of our roles as mothers and embodying the qualities of the Divine Mother in our conscious parenting spiritual practice. This does not exclude fathers, for we are also healed by the balancing of our female and male energies. It is my hope that fathers will also find much here as we all espouse and practice conscious parenting of our children.

Being a Mom and learning from teachers that have been predominately male has been irksome and humorous at times. For example, 'Oh! Mommy's doing downward dog (yoga position) - Ha! this is a fun play structure to climb on!' And trying to maintain your meditation practice while nursing your hungry baby. I used to have ongoing dialogues in my mind with male teachers, grumbling about how they had no idea...., etc.! This website is definitely from a mom's perspective!

As this website is a Celebration of Motherhood, it is dedicated to those blessed beings of light, our children, grateful they chose us to be their mothers (parents)!  May we keep the light in their eyes aglow!

Blessings of love and light!

My teacher told me:
Live in the soul!
Then I learned
to sing and dance.

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I am a good girl


Thanks for reading! Have your say in the comments box below...

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Site updated  February 25, 2024

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Affirmations for Conscious Parenting!
Affirmations. The vibration of the words we speak with and to our children have a huge influence on their self-esteem, well-being, and self-actualization. I keep a little notebook handy...
Attachment parenting is effortless when you dwell in the moment.
Attachment parenting happens naturally when you follow your instincts and stay connected with your children and respond in the moment.
Birth Announcement Honoring the Magnificence of Your Newborn Child!
Birth Announcement: Welcoming the Newborn into your Lives heralds your embrace of Conscious Parenting!
Raising connected children by the conscious parent!
Raising connected children who will grow up secure, cooperative, sociable, motivated, trusting, and empowered.
Conscious Parent Creed inspires our parenting as path to peace, joy, and love.
Commitment to incorporating the pathways embraced by the Conscious Parent Creed show the way to peace, joy, love, and harmony for ourselves and our children.
Parenting with Conscious Speech, Prayers, Quotes...affirm, empower our children!
Parenting with Conscious Speech - Elevate the vibration in your conversations with your kids...see how the energy is raised in your home and family life.
Qualities of a conscious parent and the sacred role entrusted to us!
The conscious parent's role in 'bringing forth' the highest and best in child-rearing!
Conscious storytelling for raising empowered children!
The value of conscious storytelling in our children's lives cannot be over-advocated. Myths, fables, strong archetypes in stories provide examples for children to emulate and embody.
Happy children? Yes! Holistic parenting-the interdependent aspects of all life.
How homeschooling, natural health, spiritual practice are inevitable choices for me in holistic parenting.
Inspiring Quotes You'll Love to have as reminders!
Elevate the vibration in your home by posting these inspiring quotes in unobtrusive, but highly visible locations in your home.
Messages from Spirit for your children-as natural as breathing!
Messages from Spirit - Young children are adepts in communing with Spirit, encourage and provide the environment that gives permission to this ongoing dialogue!
Prayer for child and yourself each morning!
Prayer for child each morning invokes their protection and guidance throughout the day.
Soul nourishment for conscious parent-vital nutrients for your spirit daily!
Soul nourishment for the conscious parent is not optional! Replenish, nurture, and feed your spirit to keep your edge!
The intuition of your child. Keeping the intuitive spark alive!
The intuition of your child. Looking for ways to champion your child’s vibes? By practicing these tips we give our kids the permission to embrace their custom-made, reliable means of guidance.
Insights from Metaphysical Mom!
Insights from the daily experience of mindful immersion in the joyful, messy, exhilarating ride of conscious parenting!
Blessing in disguise--3 broken ribs 2 days before Christmas!
Three broken ribs were a blessing in disguise and triggered a constructive course correction in my life.
Life is a Video Game! Life lessons learned from playing.
Playing video games with my teenage son taught me life is a video game and I am going to have a blast playing!
Wayne Dyer - Blessed Be with humble gratitude for the giant soul you are!
Wayne Dyer - Blessed BE this giant soul! Asking why he passed on at this time...?
Natural Relief of Acid Indigestion
'Must-Have' Informative Brochure on Natural Relief of Acid Indigestion!
Acne remedies to support your teen through one of the rites of passage!
If acne is one of the 'rites of passage' for your teen, at home acne remedies you can use to honor and support them in this significant aspect of teenhood.
Absolutely the BEST gluten-free recipes!
Gluten-free recipes! Enjoy the comfort of Grandma’s home-baked goodies with gluten-free modifications that appease the nostalgia for the yesteryears of childhood!
Healthy Recipes ~~ Our Family's Favorites ~~ Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit!
Healthy recipes ~~ Here are some of our family's favorites~~kid-friendly, scrumptious, balancing body, mind, and spirit!
Easy to integrate holistic tips which can complement traditional treatments!
Easy holistic tips that you can do to integrate holistic health-care into your life!
Natural Health for Your Whole Family, including aka pets!
Natural Health is only Natural!! Balancing body, mind, and spirit holistically allows Nature to do Her great work.
Transforming measures incorporating natural health into your family's lifestyle.
How incorporating natural health helped my family with H. Pylori, the common wart, intense coughing, and soul nourishment!
How can 'benign neglect' be an integral component of attachment parenting?!
How 'benign neglect' can help your child to feel empowered! You may find it helps to let them figure things out for themselves!
Handling disappointment-strength, empathy, healthy esteem in parent and child.
Helping your child in handling disappointment is a gift you give to your child and yourself.
When you let them lead, your kids will give you the experience of a lifetime!
One of the most meaningful gifts you can give your kids is to let them lead. Don't be surprised when you find yourself richly rewarded!
Add Muscle Testing to Parenting - access your and your kids' highest good!
Muscle testing--what you've been looking for--our family's story of another way to access inner wisdom when making decisions for and with your kids!
FRESH START "Happy New Schooling Year" coaching session
Limited time offer, special zero cost coaching session for the BEST HAPPY NEW SCHOOLING YEAR ever!!
5 Secrets to Quickly Turning Your Child's Behavior Around!
Even if you've tried absolutely everything, discover 5 secrets to turn your child's "Bad" behavior Around in 24 Hours or Less!
About Metaphysical Mom
20 years of conscious parenting as a spiritual path, about Metaphysical Mom
Contact Metaphysical Mom!
Contact Metaphysical Mom with questions, insights, feedback.
Metaphysical Mom's privacy policy.
Metaphysical Mom's privacy policy secures your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.
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Big Mud Puddles and Sunny Yellow Dandelions
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Tips for Raising a Self-Aware Child
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