Good Morning! This is God...
guaranteed to start your day
with loving vibrations!!

Several years ago I read this 'note from God' in one of Wayne Dyer's books, made a little mini-poster of it, and affixed it to the refrigerator with a sturdy magnet. Many a morning I happen to glance at it while getting my first cup of coffee of the day. It helps set the tone for me for the day which undeniably contributes to how everyone else's day begins!

Many a morning, midmorning, afternoon, evening, my eyes have happened to settle upon it and my soul and spirit have sighed, 'ahhh'. I have been gentled, soothed, relieved of worry and care.

Right click over this image, copy image, paste on a blank document page and print your own copy. Place it anywhere you will see it soon after waking. Your day will start with remembrance of Presence, the vibration in your home will be raised, and your kids will have instilled in them a message that they are so lovingly cared for, which will stay with them for a long time. An unobtrusive way to give them this valuable gift.


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