Resources to Help Kids of All Ages Succeed in The New School Year 

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely been pulling double duty at home this year. After all, trying to balance online learning, remote work and other pandemic challenges can be difficult enough. As the summer comes to a close and the new school year approaches, you may be feeling even more pressure. Deciding between online learning and in-classroom lessons is just one of the choices you may be stressing about, but these back-to-school tips can help with the rest.

Navigating Kindergarten Challenges 

While many kids are preparing to go back to school, some little ones are preparing to start their very first year. Here are some general and COVID-specific tips to help your new students.

  • Younger children benefit from learning at home, so plan age-appropriate activities to help your little one prepare for the classroom.
  • Just keep in mind that staying attentive for extended periods of time can be tricky for younger children, so help your child master this before school starts.
  • You should also get your child comfortable wearing masks, especially if he/she will be attending in-person classes
  • First-day nerves are completely normal, but talking through fears and feelings with your little one can make it easier for him/her to adjust.
  • Also be sure to teach your kindergartner hand washing songs to help keep them healthy.

Preparing for Elementary School

Starting school in the middle of a pandemic can be tough but so can getting back into the rhythm of learning. If you have slightly older kids, these tips and resources may help:

  • Children of all ages can benefit from the activities mentioned above but you can also use educational games to help your older children get back into the habit of learning.
  •  To make new routines even easier, you can also schedule a back-to-school session with Metaphysical Mom, an experienced parenting coach!
  •  You should also think about what supplies your elementary-aged children will need if they will be learning from home this year.
  •  Kids who will be taking online classes may miss out on essential social time with their friends but you can make up for this with virtual playdates during the school year.
  • Be sure to send your kids to school with hand sanitizer to use between hand washes.

Helping Pre-Teens & Teens Adjust

Your pre-teens and teenagers are old enough to understand the challenges of this school year, but it can also be a challenge to get these kids ready. Hopefully these tips will make it easier:

  • Pre-teens and teenagers can be especially sensitive to COVID changes, including having to social-distancing from friends, so try to offer patience and support.
  • In addition to feeling the effects of the pandemic, teens may also be struggling with anxieties or fears related to the new school year.
  • You can also ease these worries by making sure your kids have the right tech to help them succeed with assignments and online learning.
  • It can also help to give your teens some dedicated study space to set that tech up in.
  • Finally, sending kids to college can also have some unique challenges this year, so make sure that you and your teen are ready.

By preparing your children for what lies ahead and making sure they have the resources and supplies they need, you will be setting them up for success. So even though this school year may include some additional challenges, it can still be one of the best years yet.

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